Technology Partnership Program

Would you like to:

  • Gain access to RWS Moravia clients?
  • Integrate seamlessly with RWS Moravia client architectures?
  • Receive client feedback that will help you improve your roadmap?

Technology is a must in the digital age. One of RWS Moravia’s strengths is our customized language technology solutions. We want technology to work efficiently for our clients without limiting their choices. Our goal is to provide the best-fit solution for their needs.

This means that RWS Moravia works with a variety of industry platforms to accommodate both small and large clients, integrating tools with our internal architecture as well as with client systems. As a trusted language services provider to a wide variety of global enterprises, we are often asked for advice on their localization platform choices.

We wish to partner closely with technology providers who have the same target markets, so that our solutions can be more efficient and seamless, our technology communications can be more streamlined and our integrations can be optimized for efficiency and cost.

If you believe that your products and services are the right fit for RWS Moravia clients, register using the form below and become our partner!

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